About Creative Acres

Creative Acres is a unique sanctuary. It currently houses hundreds animals of different species which include emus, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, chickens, sheep, horses, and many others. Creative Acres offers ways to learn how to interact more humanely and non-abusively with animals. We do this through educational programs, personalized training, and lectures which provide information to the public on how they can be involved in changing how animal rescue organizations will be defined in the future. Another way Creative Acres is unique is that we also work with high-risk children, special needs people, the elderly, terminally ill, and the physically challenged.

A Happy Goat

Some of these animals have amazing stories of survival. There are cancer survivors ranging from ferrets to cats to horses. There are animals that are diabetics. There are also blind and deaf animals that have been taught to live normal lives. There are animals that have been mutilated who have been restored to forms of beauty. There are stories of abuse and abandonment which brought fearful animals to us but now that fear has been replaced with courage and trust.


Maxine Mager founded the sanctuary in 1988 and she manages it still. It was created to protect animals from harm in a safe and healthy environment. Creative Acres has maintained this way of life for the animals constantly throughout the years. The response to Maxine’s efforts has been incredible to see how one person, on a very limited budget, has been able to perform such an enormous task of caring for hundreds of animals at this facility throughout the years. The recognition of this organization’s successes, public support, and nationwide media coverage continues to grow each year.

Maxine is also dedicated to medical care and research for animals. She recently started the Buddy Foundation, which will hopefully create knowledge from research for improved and new animal medical care. Maxine also lectures on a variety of subjects such as animal welfare, maintenance, and behavior. She has been asked to educate the public by representing her organization and other organizations on the many different ways to honor the animals for their part in enriching our lives in so many different ways. Maxine has also been an expert in court cases to educate the behavior of animals and their surroundings to protect animal rights. She was asked to appear before the Colorado Senate to discuss animal rights issues. She and Junior the pig were the spokespig and spokeswoman for the American Diabetes Association. Many testimonials have been written about Creative Acres and Maxine’s knowledge and dedication.

It is our goal to always take care of the animals at this sanctuary and continue to expand our facilities. It is also our wish to influence other rescue organizations to change their positions on operating their shelters to resemble our philosophy of a quality of life no-kill free-roam sanctuary. What makes us different is that the strength of this organization comes from its board members, volunteers, and supporters that make this all happen, and we will continue to always try to make a difference. We hope by looking through this website that you not only learn about us but about how you can make a difference in the animal world.

Dog on a sunny day