Creative Acres Natural Training (C.A.N.T)

Creative Acres Natural Training is a program to learn how to become an animal trainer, behaviorist, and/or evaluator. One lesson you learn at C.A.N.T. is how to train family pets with non-abusive methods that involves little or no devices.

This means that we do not use chokers, pinch or shock collars, gentle leaders, clickers, or the use of food to get an animal to respond. We rely on the natural bond that humans and animals have. You will learn how to evaluate a situation to make a loving, respectful, and smooth relationship between two different species. This includes learning the animals’ language, movements, and behaviors in various situations. This also includes learning how to evaluate human behaviors interacting with animals. It will be your job to mold the personalities and surroundings and to suggest alternatives to promote a comfortable, loving, safe environment.

Dog Owner

In the state of Colorado, anyone can be a trainer by just paying a fee to the state. To become a behaviorist, you can be certified online. Some behaviorists become certified by reading books in a structured surrounding, having little to no interaction with live animals. Even if someone writes a book, makes a video, produces a website or magazine, they may have little or no knowledge on what they’ve published. They just got the financial backing to publish their opinions.

Be careful of trainers who are abusive or use abusive devices, and also be wary of trainers who use devices such as food and clickers.

Remember that pet stores small and large are businesses. Their job is to sell you products, not to educate you. Most employees are people who love animals but, unfortunately, have limited education on animal welfare. Also, notice that a part of their training is to walk you through their business to entice you to purchase items. If you have any animal health issues we suggest that you go to your veterinarian.

The animal business is a billion-dollar industry with clients that cannot speak for themselves if things go wrong. The public assumes that animal professionals are being regulated. Assuming this, they take for granted the license or certification that comes with professional education. Unfortunately, this is simply not true.


It is impossible to have knowledge without experience. If you do not have knowledge, you will not be able to train animals correctly. That is why so many trainers use devices, abuse, or tell stories to make themselves look better. They do not know how to form a natural bond with an animal.

At Creative Acres, we feel a change must be made in the animal industry for the animals and public safety. Many in the animal industry, including professionals need to be properly educated. And now you can be a part of that change!

We believe that you need to interact with different animals, in various situations, for many hours, to be an educated professional. Even if your desire is to work only with dogs, the more experience and observations on animal behavior enables you to make more educated evaluations and ultimately become a better teacher. You also need a foundation in animal health. For example: Did you know that if a cat urinates outside of the litter box it is probably due to a medical problem and not a behavioral one?

We believe you need to visit and learn about different animal organizations. Even if you do not agree with their philosophy, it will give you a perspective about what you do not want to do and what needs to be changed. Watching a person have negative interactions with an animal is also a learning experience. Unfortunately, this is the case all too often. Debating is also a great skill to achieve. By completing this course, you will build confidence in yourself by acquiring valuable knowledge. This will enable you to change situations by example and with facts.

You will learn how to teach your clients simple things like the important role toys play in animal training. You will learn how to teach your clients the most important lesson for training – focus or getting an animal’s attention when you want it. Have you noticed that most training websites, videos, or books do not discuss focus? They will first try to teach you how to get your dog to sit or stay. This is wrong.

By taking the C.A.N.T. course, you will learn all the methods and share the experiences mentioned above and so much more.

By being one of our trained professionals, you will be able to train or suggest positive alternatives for animals. This is critical for people who can’t live comfortably with their animals. Sometimes these people will bring their animal to a shelter and usually that animal is destroyed.

You might then decide to further your education with us and become an evaluator to save animals in shelters. After completing our course, you will learn how to truly determine if an animal is aggressive. You will also be able to aid private citizens’ concerns for animals that are being too easily destroyed in shelters.


You will also be able to make a huge difference in the animal world by protecting their rights. So many shelters say that they put animals down because of bad behavior. Some shelters claim to have evaluators or trainers on staff, but none of these professionals seem to be able to handle the animals that are a little harder to place. These are people who have not been educated positively. With C.A.N.T. more animals will have a chance for survival.

There is also the opportunity to become a C.A.N.T. investigator. The investigator inspects animal organizations and professionals for the needless abuse and euthanasia of healthy, correctable animals.

Program One:

The requirements for successfully completing Program one of the certification course include the following:

  1. 1000 hours of hands-on interaction with various animals
  2. 250 hours interacting with licensed veterinarians, to be approved by a C.A.N.T. teacher
  3. 250 hours at other animal organizations, to be approved by a C.A.N.T. teacher
  4. You must interact with different animals, not just dogs and cats. This will give you a more in depth behavioral study.
  5. You must keep a journal of your experiences. The contents must include:
  • What you observed
  • What you studied
  • Questions and the answers
  1. You may be required to take written or oral tests, give a presentation and debates issues you will be learning about.

The program must be completed within one year. You will be responsible for all costs, books, field trips, etc.

The fee for Program one is $1500.00. A payment plan can be arranged – a $250.00 deposit and $250.00 within one week after signing the contract and the balance due in full according to the terms in the contract. Payment in advance reduces the rate to $1000.00.

Youth Program: Program Two

Designed for students who are at least 15 years of age and with parental consent. Designed for those who feel that they would not be able to complete the course in one year.

  1. This is a three-year program, requiring 1500 hours of hands-on interaction with animals, to be approved by a C.A.N.T. teacher
  2. 250 hours with other animal organizations
  3. 250 hours with license veterinarians

For minors, the hours may have to be completed after 18 years of age.

The fee for the youth program is $1000.00. Payment in advance reduces the rate to $750.00. The same rules and criteria apply. All payment  in any programs is non-refundable.

After completing your first certificate, you can always take additional courses to enhance your certificate. You can further your education with additional 1000 hours per title to become a behaviorist and evaluator. The cost will be $500.00 for each certificate and for each title.

Please call us at 303-659-4792 if you are interested in becoming a part of C.A.N.T.