“Home to over 140 animals, ranging from the common to the exotic, Creative Acres is an amazing no-kill, free roam shelter located in the wide open Colorado countryside. Sometimes called ‘A Real-Life Dr. Doolittle’, owner Maxine Mager welcomes animals that are old, sick, hurt, or just plain unwanted and, through a prescription of love, empathy, patience, and optimism, makes them feel special—for a lifetime. With public support, Creative Acres’ will expand their concept throughout the United States. Creative Acres is an animal care model that deserves to be studied, supported, and duplicated!”

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“I believe this to be a wonderful home for all homeless and abused animals. I wish all shelters and sanctuaries could be like this.”

Jamie Jackson
Northern Colorado Animal League

“Maxine’s resourceful knowledge is paramount in the animal behavior world. … She has changed my outlook, that every animal deserves a chance.”

Kristin Des Marais, Adoption/Mobile Coordinator
Maxfund Shelter

“Maxine’s dedication to the animals and her knowledge of so many different species has made Creative Acres a valuable shelter. Working with such a unique shelter has been a rewarding experience.”

James LaBonde, D.M.V.
Homestead Animal Hospital

“The staff of the Children’s Library would like to thank you for your program on Thursday, August 16, 2001. As always, your animals were beautiful and obviously well cared for and loved. All the kids and adults present enjoyed seeing them and learning about your organization. Thanks again for a great program. We hope that you’ll do more with us in the future!”

Kristin Arnold
Children’s Librarian Denver Public Library