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3-legged, 1-pound kitten has 8 lives left after surviving emergency surgery

BRIGHTON, Colo. – A kitten found when she weighed less than a pound and had a terrible infection has only eight lives left after surviving emergency surgery.

Maxine Mager, the...

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Creative Acres – Fox 31 News

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Creative Acres receives tribute from the House of Representatives

BRIGHTON, Colo. – Considered the longest running sanctuary of its kind, for nearly 25 years, Maxine Mager has founded and operated the only quality of life no-kill, free-roam animal...

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Pooch + Pacemaker = Merry Xmas


Guido got a heartfelt treat this holiday season.

Meet Guido. He is quite possibly the luckiest dog in all of Adams County — because of all the costly and peculiar...

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Creative Acres – PSA

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Animal sanctuary asks for help

The owner of a local no-kill animal santcuary that is home to hundreds of animals says a December snowstorm buried fundraiser plans and that foreclosure proceedings are under way.


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Big snow comes as a bigger surprise

By Stephanie Simon, Los Angeles Times

Just after Thanksgiving, climatologist Klaus Wolter released his long-term forecast for this region. The next few months, he said, would be warm and dry. No...

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Animal sanctuary seeks help


By Monte Whaley, Denver Post

Many of the 350 or so animals at Creative Acres sanctuary east of Brighton are in a struggle for survival after last week’s blizzard. Owner...

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In unlikely pairing, chicken sees pig through tough time


By Joseph Garcia, Rocky Mountain News

Anthony and Cleopatra. Romeo and Juliet. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Junior and AKA.

“It was like love at first sight,” said Maxine Mager, who owns...

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Creative Acres settles into new home

By Kevin Denke, The Brighton Standard Blade

Moving, in itself, is no easy task as many people would attest, but try moving with over 100 animals.  That was the task facing...

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Developer forces shelter to seek sanctuary

By Robyn Lydick, The I-70 Scout

Maxine Mager never gives up. She never gives up on an animal and she never gives up on her mission and dream.

Mager runs Creative Acres,...

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Shelter’s moving day is smooth ride for animals

By Mike Patty, Rocky Mountain News

Maxine Mager said Sunday she felt like Noah.

Together with about 15 volunteers, Mager moved more than 100 animals to their new home about a dozen...

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Animals are between rock, hard place

By Berny Morson, Rocky Mountain News

The owner of an animal sanctuary said Tuesday she has three days to find a new home for her 140 beasts.

Maxine Mager lost a bitter...

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Class’s pet project teaches students to think of others

By Berny Morson, Rocky Mountain News

Tony Goldsby hesitated when Maxine Mager handed him the kitten. “Do you like cats?” Maxine asked the 12-year-old sixth-grader from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School...

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Shelter a warm, fuzzy place

By George Lane, The Denver Post

Maxine Mager has made a home for a blind dog and a deaf dog, a one-eared sheep, a small drift of pot-bellied hogs (which used...

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A Real-Life Dolittle

By C. K. Reporter Anna Lieb, The Denver Post, Colorado Kids column

Do you ever wonder if there really is someone like Dr. Dolittle; someone who can talk with animals, as...

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Creative Acres – A unique shelter dedicated to saving animals

by Vicki Smith, The Brighton Standard Blade

Have you ever visited a local pound, pet shop, or humane society and felt sorry for the creatures trapped in such small areas? You...

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