Got Food? imageCreative Acres is a quality of life, no-kill free-roam animal sanctuary. We take in animals despite their medical conditions. We do this on a case by case basis. Unlike other shelters, we will not promise to do our best by taking in every animal for evaluation only to deem it unadoptable and destroy it.

We pride ourselves on the fact that when we do accept an animal we are dedicated to providing a lifetime commitment. For example, when an animal comes to us considered unadoptable at other shelters, for reasons such as behavior, we will have the compassion to take the time to train the animal. If an animal comes to us in poor medical condition, we will put forth the cost and use the resources of our knowledge to rehabilitate the animal whatever time is required whether it be a few hours or a few years. When an animal has made a full recovery and would be comfortable being adopted rather than remaining at the sanctuary, we will make the effort to find them a loving home. This website is important not just to learn about us but how you can make a difference when you donate money. You will be able to determine whether your money is going to a good shelter or a bad shelter.

Creative Acres is needing your help to help our over 400 animals of many species here. As you know the drought has effected the feed market, especially hay. The prices are extremely high, tripled in fact. Cost of a hay to feed the horses, goats, sheep, etc. approximately $12.000 to $15,000 per semi truck load.

Creative Acres is also in need of other feeds to get through winter, like 400 bags of hen scratch @ @13.00 each , 600 bags of Emu food @ $16.00 each, Dog and Cat food and litter, bird foods from Parrot to Parakeets Guinea pig, sugarglider, and all the other species we have here…These feed are going up weekly.

Being a no-kill free roam we must stock up on our medications, specialty foods and other needs for the winter…We also need construction and building supplies before the winter.. We need barn doors and chicken house doors repaired or rebuilt. A few areas of minor construction were wood or shingles are missing.

We have always made with your help… THANKS!!!!!! from the thousands of lives you have helped and will.

Send donations to Creative Acres P.O. Box 1143, Brighton Colorado, 80601 or call with a credit card and we will return your call within 24 hours.

Contact Info Maxine 303-659-4792.

We are currently experiencing a drought at Creative Acres, any help would be much appreciated. We accept PayPal by clicking the large orange Donate button on each page. To find out other ways you can make a difference, visit our Donations page today! Thank you for your support.